What an amazing group of people!! Super professional and compassionate. They found an issue on my 81 year old mother that requires a trip to the ENT rather than a hearing aid... so, no sale. And then, Diann called me to check on mom's referral and care. All this without NewSound collecting a dime from us yet. I'm sold!!! I'll be getting hearing aids for myself.
Jerry Canupp, on Google
Friendly and professional staff. Clean office. Thoroughly checked my ears. Then proceeded to perform the hearing test. Provided me a copy of my results. Honest assessment of my hearing. Answered my questions. Good people to work with.
Anna Willis, on Google
Note of Appreciation I am writing to convey my appreciation of the extra effort expended by Mr. Christopher Green during my purchase of a new in-ear canal, rechargeable hearing aid and connected TV device. Chris was exceptionally patient with me during his introduction to the new technology associated with this equipment. I never felt rushed during his explanation of how I can obtain maximum satisfaction with the hearing aid and TV audio streaming system. It has been a particular pleasure for me to work with Chris and his receptionist during the past few weeks and am happy to pass on my positive experience with the NewSound office. Garry T. Cole, Ph.D San Antonio TX
Garry Cole, on Google
I like new hearing aids. My family love it. They understand me. My new hearing aids is best. My old hearing aids is lower sound. I love it. New Sound Hearing Center is best doctor.
Andrea Magdalena Garcia, on Google
Most pleasant doctor's visit I've ever had! Charming people. I got a free consultation, including getting my ears cleaned out and a hearing check. I've had at least 30 hearing checks in my lifetime because I work for an airline. This one was more of the same. But having the doctor tell me my hearing loss is mild made me feel more confident in the results. Having my ears cleaned out made me feel lighter and happy I made the trip. I'll be back for the occasional cleaning. You would be surprised at how good it feels. I think it's worth it.
Joan Villa, on Google

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