Christopher and Brenda were very professional and accommodating. They created a pleasant atmosphere. I definitely recommend them for all of your hearing needs.
Mike McGinley, on Google
They were very patience. I had my 98 year old friend with me and he took the time answer her questions about her hear aid and let her know how much it would cost her to get a service contract. He gave her everything she needed to know. She would have signed a contract then if she could have paid the $299.00 in installments. But since you require all at once she will have to wait till she can save enough for the full payment. It would be nice if people like in her situation could make installments.
Jeannine Barr, on Google
Very responsive to my problem. Hadn’t been there in 2 yrs.. Highly recommend. Chris and Brenda helped me out. I appreciate it..
Craig Cates, on Google
They went out of their way to fit me in with a minor emergency and likely saved permanent damage to my ears. Great service and professionalism👍🏼
Marcos Trejo, on Google
Most pleasant doctor's visit I've ever had! Charming people. I got a free consultation, including getting my ears cleaned out and a hearing check. I've had at least 30 hearing checks in my lifetime because I work for an airline. This one was more of the same. But having the doctor tell me my hearing loss is mild made me feel more confident in the results. Having my ears cleaned out made me feel lighter and happy I made the trip. I'll be back for the occasional cleaning. You would be surprised at how good it feels. I think it's worth it.
Joan Villa, on Google

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