Excellent service! Kind and helpful! I highly recommend for your hearing needs!
Jon Large, on Google
Wore the hearing aides twice. Lost them. Worked great both times.
Miriam Shihab, on Google
I had my annual hearing test on January 23rd and was very impressed with testing and exam performed by Sandy. She was able to adjust my hearing aid in such a way that I'm hearing better today than I have in a long while. Hats off to Sandy and Amber. Great experience.
Norm Green, on Google
This place is wonderful. Glad I got the email from the Pioneers since I was about to schedule an exam with another company. Sandy is very knowledgeable and patient. Didn't know I had that big a problem hearing. HaHa....Excellent service
Mary Ann Prado, on Google
I have 36 years of experience wearing hearing aids. My tube for BTE hearing aid cracked and I just needed a simple tube otherwise my crack tube is like drinking from a straw with a hole in it. Associates of Audiology wanted to charge me 50 dollars for a simple tube. Here they only charge me ten dollars. The staff was amazing. Extra star on top of five stars for the amenities they had on site. 🤟🏻 Cookies, candy, coffee and water 🤟🏻
Leif J (Leif), on Google

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